Partnerships and Associations




Agrini has been working in improving the quality and access of education since 2009. It’s first project Neev focussed in enhancing Aanganwadis (pre-schools in India). This was achieved by making child-friendly infrastructure, training teachers in making learning more fun for children, creating enjoyable curriculum and enabling schooling processes to be more accessible for parents.
Another interesting intervention by Agrini, is the Shikshalaya – an independent co-learning space for rural youth. This facility was created in the form of a library and a computer center stocked with donated computers and books. Shikhalaya has prospered into a self-learning zone, where the youth regularly explore their hobbies, exchange entrepreneurial ideas, debate on current issues and have fun.
Setting an example in community run institutions, Agrini Public School is an innovative community community school set up in the tribal block of Kurai, in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  The campus is also used as a research and resource center for neighbouring Government Schools, where educational visionaries can brainstorm and work on their pilot projects.


Self Rule


Under the Swaraj umbrella of Agrini, rural interventions are planned around the Gandhian concept of de-centralised power in villages. Agrini works with rural communities, mostly youth by training them on laws and legal rights. They are apprised of Government policies ensuring that Gram Sabhas work actively and fairly. Agrini strongly believes in democratic processes and works towards improving their access to common man.
Rural youth are trained in carrying out social audits thus giving the power back to people. Elections are an important opportunity to secure a responsible self-governing future. To achieve this, Agrini’s volunteers facilitate the creation of public manifestos and also help the candidates to formulate their manifestos. Community institutions like the Self-help groups in villages play an important role in accomplishing Swaraj’s goals.