Of course ladies go out! To shop, to sell, to hang out, to socialize. To the bank? Not quite. Who needs to go to the bank if the men manage all the finances?

It took Agrini 1 month to answer that question for the ladies of Darasi Kala village. They in turn took their own sweet time to convince their husbands and fathers about the importance of money management. Two SHGs were created to mobilize these women namely “Bhagyalaxmi samooh” and “Rajrani Swasahayata Samooh”.

One fine day, all 30 ladies strutted down the rusty village road, in smart saris and dangling purses. Let’s bank! The nearest bank was 24 km away. A minibus was booked, for which everyone contributed their share. Upon reaching the bank, Surman Bai explained to the Bank Officer that she needs her account opened. And Yes, she has all the documents and she can bloody well sign everywhere he needs her to. The Bank Officer gets it, no messing with the ladies. One by one, all of them have their accounts opened. The biggest achievement for Agrini was when Surman Bai tells her friend that this day was not about money, it was about her freedom.